Monday, 18 September 2017

This week in PeanutButter

Nothing major, really -- two bugfixes, which may or may not be of interest:

  1. PropertyAssert.AreEqual allows for comparison of nullable and non-nullable values of the same underlying type -- which especially makes sense when the actual value being tested (eg nullable int) is being compared with some concrete value (eg int). 
  2. Fix for the object extension DeepClone() -- some production code showed that Enum values weren't being copied correctly. So that's fixed now.
    If you're wondering what this is, DeepClone() is an extension method on all objects to provide a copy of that object, deep-cloned (so all reference types are new types, all value types are copied), much like underscore's, _.cloneDeep() for Javascript. This can be useful for comparing a "before" and "after" from a bunch of mutations, especially using the DeepEqualityTester from PeanutButter.Utils or the object extension DeepEquals(), which does deep equality testing, much like you'd expect.

There's also been some assertion upgrading -- PeanutButter consumes, and helps to drive NExpect, an assertions library modelled after Chai for syntax and Jasmine for user-space extensibility. Head on over to Github to check it out -- though it's probably time I wrote something here about it (:

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