Wednesday, 3 June 2015

A little PeanutButter housekeeping

PeanutButter, that collection of libraries that does a whole bunch of stuff, has always been extended with the philosophy that it would be better to have a bunch of small libraries each with only their own dependencies rather than a monolithic installation of a bunch of crap you'd never want.

Well, with the exception of PeanutButter.TestUtils.Generic, which is where interesting test helper code went to lurk and generally be useful. This was where the first incarnation of TempDb was born. It was either Sqlite or SqlCe, I don't remember, but whichever it was, the other was soon to follow, in the same package. So if you wanted a temporary SqlCe database, you ended up getting all of the Sqlite dependencies smooshed into your project. Boo!

I recognised this as sub-optimal, but left it just so, partly because I'm a lazy bugger and partly because I was afraid of fallout for anyone who might upgrade packages and find stuff to be no longer working as it had been moved out into another package.

Not too long ago, I got the itch to add LocalDb support and, of course, it ended up in the same assembly. I was getting less stoked, but remained at the same level of lazy.

Finally, tonight, I got my ass in gear and split these out. So there are 4 new packages:
  • PeanutButter.TempDb
  • PeanutButter.TempDb.Sqlite
  • PeanutButter.TempDb.SqlCe
  • PeanutButter.TempDb.LocalDb
The first contains the generic TempDb<> logic and the remainder are concrete implementations. PeanutButter.TestUtils.Generic no longer provides these classes (and no longer spams your projects with the unused dependencies). Apologies if this causes some "WAT?!" for anyone, but the split was inevitable. As a bonus side-effect, PeanutButter.TestUtils now depends on NUnit, so installing the former will bring in the latter -- which is actually less WAT because of funky things like PropertyAssert.

Anyway, as always, they're totally free. So if they break, you can keep all the pieces.

What's new in PeanutButter?

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