Friday, 23 February 2018

NExpect hits 100 releases!

It's probably not such a big deal, but it feels like it to me: NExpect (GitHub, Nuget) has hit its 100th release! Whilst the reason for the 100th release was trivial (adding support to assert the existence of keys by any case in a case-insensitive dictionary), it feels like some kind of milestone.

Of course, it wouldn't be here without the fantastic contributions from Cobus Smit as well as the input from everyone who uses it (even the developers on my team who had it foisted upon them!).

NExpect isn't done with its evolution though. I have a trello board that I probably should convert to GitHub issues. And I welcome bug reports and requests which align with the ethos of the project:

  • Expect(NExpect).To.Be.Readable();
    • Because code is for co-workers, not compilers. And your tests are part of your documentation.
  • Expect(NExpect).To.Be.Expressive();
    • Because the intent of a test should be easy to understand. The reader can delve into the details when she cares to.
  • Expect(NExpect).To.Be.Extensible();
    • Because I can't predict every use-case. I believe that your assertions framework should enable expressive, readable tests through extension.
Personally, I'm finding NExpect to be a pleasure to use. But perhaps I'm a little biased (:

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