Thursday, 17 March 2016

Update PeanutButter - now with less pain!

 (and possibly more fibre)

Necessity Laziness is the mother of all invention. It's the reason PeanutButter ( even exists and is on Nuget. But as PeanutButter has expanded in its modular fashion, one thing has bugged me: updating.

When I change one Nuget library, I update all Nuget packages to avoid any confusion about which version of what plays nicely with the other - to the point where I've even made each package which depends on another PeanutButter package depend on the same version as itself. I wanted an easy way to update all PeanutButter packages since I release quite often - indeed, pretty-much whenever I add any functionality.

An approach to this problem might be running update-package from the package manager console. Whilst I'm a fan of keeping libraries up to date, sometimes you can get unexpected consequences from this action such as breaking a site depending on an older version of ASP.NET MVC. I have no control over those other packages -- but I do control PeanutButter, so what I need is something more like update-peanutbutter.

And now I (and anyone else using PeanutButter) have it.

Thanks to an excellent tutorial by Phil Haack on his blog You've Been Haacked, I've added the command via a module loaded from the PeanutButter.Utils Nuget package init script. PeanutButter.Utils is one of the "lowest-down" packages, so chances are very good that if you're using any of the others, you're using PeanutButter.Utils. The change is available from version 1.2.15 and the easiest way to take advantage of it would be to update one of your projects to use the latest PeanutButter.Utils and then use update-peanutbutter from the package manager console to update all the other projects in your solution.

Happy hacking (:

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