Monday, 6 November 2017

What's new in PeanutButter

I realise that it's been a while (again) since I've posted an update about new things in PeanutButter (GitHub, Nuget). I've been slack!

Here are the more interesting changes:
  1. PeanutButter.Utils now has a netstandard2.0 target in the package. So you can use those tasty, tasty utils from netcore2.0
  2. This facilitated adding a netstandard2.0 target for PeanutButter.RandomGenerators -- so now you can use the GenericBuilder and RandomValueGen, even on complex types. Yay! Spend more time writing interesting code and less time thinking of a name on your Person object (:
  3. Many fixes to DeepClone(), the extension method for objects, which gives you back a deep-cloned version of the original, including support for collections and cloning the object's actual type, not the type inferred by the generic usage - so a downcast object is properly cloned now.
  4. DeepEqualityTester can be used to test shapes of objects, without caring about actual values -- simply set OnlyCompareShape to true. Combined with setting FailOnMissingProperties to false, a deep equality test between an instance of your model and an instance of an api model can let you know if your models have at least the required fields to satisfy the target api.
  5. Random object generation always could use NSubstitute to generate instances of interfaces, but now also supports using PeanutButter.DuckTyping's Create.InstanceOf<T>() to create your random instances. Both strategies are determined at runtime from available assemblies -- there are no hard dependencies on NSubstitute or PeanutButter.DuckTyping.
  6. More async IEnumerable extensions (which allow you to await on a Linq query with async lambdas -- but bear in mind that these won't be translated to, for example, Linq-to-Sql code to run at the server-side):
    1. SelectAsync
    2. ToArrayAsync
    3. WhereAsync
    4. AggregateAsync
There was also some cleanup (I defaulted R# to show warnings, not just errors -- and squashed around 2000 of them) and made all projects depend on the newer PackageReferences mechanism for csproj files.

So, yeah, stuff happened (:

What's new in PeanutButter?

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